Free Condominium and HOA Management Software


pHKondo Free Condominium and HOA Management Software

It is an excellent tool to Manage your entire condo portfolio, it's free, open source and distributed under license GNU GPL-2.0.

Without limiting, its main features are management of Properties its Owners and Representatives, Budgets, Fees, Shares, Bank Accounts and Movements, Billing, Payment Receipts, Maintenance, Insurances, and more.

Valuable Features


Freedom to manage from any device and location.


Install without any restrictions or licenses.

Always accessible

Easy access: just a simple device like a phone or a tablet containing a web client (Chrome, Firefox, IE) with internet connection.

Related Services

pHKondo ready to use.

We know that your time is money, so you can use pHKondo READY TO USE hosted in our servers from which your organization can access and work without restrictions.

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For those who have no technical knowledge, installation of a new system can be a task full of complex issues.
To this end, I offer specialized services and all the necessary knowledge to quickly put this software at your service.

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Customization & New Features

pHKondo was developed on the principle of simplicity for effective management of their condos.
But sometimes you need to customize according to your needs.

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For those who want to quickly get the full potential of pHKondo.
To this end, there is a training course that can be done online.

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